We use 'Try' instead of Tri for our event because it's all about having a go!

The unstoppable Okiwi school
Today on the 31st of March 2017 Okiwi School is having its 2nd ever tryathlon.
There will be 25 tough kids aged from 3 to 12 battling it out to win 1st place.
This event is held so that the Okiwi kids can get outside, have some fun and have a good day. This event is located at the Okiwi runway where these kids will have to swim in the estuary, bike on the airfield and run on the grass. Children’s friends and parents gather around as the kids start this fun, but tiring race.
First it was the Juniors followed by the Intermediate then was closed off by the seniors. I really think the swim killed most of them because they were all huffing and puffing when they came out of the water but I can’t say anything because I would die if I had to swim that far.
Wiremu Rereahu Cleave reporting from Great Barrier Island.



Okiwi school pupils participated in the Okiwi TRYathlon on Friday the 31st of March 2017. The event was held in Okiwi valley.
The TRYathlon was all about giving it a go, having fun and joy of effort. The students swam in the Okiwi estuary and biked and ran the Okiwi airstrip.
“It was definitely the hardest triathlon I have ever done. Probably because I tried my hardest and pushed myself this time.” Jessica Mabey told me.
There were 3 different groups of kids: the 5-7 year olds swam 25m, biked 1.5km and ran 500m. The 8-10 year olds swam 50m, biked 3km and ran 1km. The 11-13 year olds swam 100m, biked 6km and ran 1.5km. They were to swim then bike and finish with a run/sprint to the end.
Na Jessica Mabey
Many friends, family and teachers came to support and cheer on the young triathletes.
Na Jessica Mabey


Okiwi school participated in the annual Okiwi Kura tryathlon on the thirty-first of march. The tryathlon was located at the local airstrip. Okiwi airstrip. The triathlon was, quote: ‘to have fun and try your best. Effort and fair play.’ ’There are no winners, nor losers.’ Stated Colin Grifiths. The tryathlon was only possible via the hard working participants who gave it their best effort.
The five to seven-year-olds had to swim twenty-five metres, bike one and a half kilometres and run half a kilometre.
The eight to ten-year-olds had to do double the five to seven-year-olds.
And the eleven to thirteen-year-olds had to do quadruple the five to seven-year-olds swim and bike and do an one and a half kilometre run.
Spectators, parents and supporters came to watch and help with the triathlon.
The day ended with a sausage sizzle back at school. Everybody was exhausted after that ‘tiring triathlon’.
Na Noah Raikes

Okiwi Tryathalon 2016



Today was the first ever Okiwi Tryathlon.
Right before my race I was extremely nervous and very hungry. Then we got told to start our 200 meter swim. We raced off into the water, as I hit the water a massive chill went through me but I shook it off and started swimming. The hardest part in the swim was going against the current because the wind was blowing us back down the estuary. I came out of the water puffing as hard as ever even though I wasn’t even half way yet. I quickly put my shoes, my t-shirt and my helmet on and raced off on my 8 km bike, because I was already behind. On my second lap my butt started to hurt because my seat was too low. I was puffing so hard I was sure there would soon be no oxygen left. When I had nearly finished my biking I heard every one cheering for me, I suddenly felt like I had more energy. When I hopped off my bike and started my run my legs felt like jelly so I had to start by walking. When I got to the tires I started setting goals for myself so I didn’t walk the whole thing- ‘Run 3 tires Walk 1’. “Go Jessica”, I heard every one cheering me on, as I neared the finish of my 1.5 km run I started sprinting. I hit the line then I got my gold medal and fell down onto the grass glad that it was over.
In the end I had an awesome day and I’m proud of my self because I finished the Tryathlon, and I’m now a 3 time tryathlete.

Na Jessica


The Amazing Race

Today was the Amazing race; The Okiwi Kura Tryathlon and my medal day all in one! I will describe my swimming race to you. While I was waiting (we had to swim 150 m.) My stomach was tying itself in knots. I was so nervous and then…..go!! We were off. I had heard we could do any stroke so I plunged in and did breast stroke. I found it easier to do breast stroke with my face in the water instead of above it. I heard cheering and I thought we had to get out but no I had to do another lap. I followed the others with my freestyle. I felt so confident.

Na Lily age 9 Okiwi School