1. Mount Ruapehu – Skiing is fun but you have to have a ski teacher. Oliver is a ski teacher on Mt Ruapehu, he taught me things like when you’re going to fall over turn sharp so you don’t hurt yourself badly. Ski teachers are important for learner skiers. By Wiri Davis

2. Te Papa Marae – When we went to Te Papa we saw an old marae that was confiscated by the English people. It was taken to England and when the Maori people found out they were really angry and wanted it back. When it was returned to the New Zealand the people who it was originally taken from donated it to the museum. By Freda Wii

3. Formula 1 is the most expensive motor sport in the world. The cars go over 350 kph and the tyres have no tread on them which helps make them go fast and stick to the race track. Formula 1 cars are run on special fuel for racing. They have aerofoils on the cars to help them stay on track at high speeds. The best part of Formula 1 racing is the money as the drivers are one of the highest paid in motor sport. By Des O’Toole

4. Mount Victoria – On our school trip we went to Mt Victoria. We saw the sea from there and where the Wahine sank. There is a gun at the mountain and we had a photo taken there. The gun was really cool. If you ever go to Mount Victoria you will see a lovely view of the harbour.
By Ayla Ngawaka

5. Wellington Cable Car – The Cable car is really cool. While we were on our school trip we went on the cable car. It was really full. It stops to pick up University Students because it is right by Victoria University. At the top of the hill we went to the cable car museum to see old cable cars. By Freda

6. Weta Workshop – Weta is one the coolest places in the world. It displays movie characters made out of plastic that I thought were real. There were guns that looked real as well. We watched a movie at Weta Workshop about how they made the characters for Lord of the Rings. Weta is a cool cool place to go to. By Soul O’Reilly

7. Tapu Te Ranga Marae – In Wellington we stayed at the marae at Island Bay, Tapu te Ranga. It is 95% made of recycled wood. It is 9 stories high and 2 levels below ground. It has a big kitchen and eating area that also turns into a meeting room. It has lots of neat stone carvings outside. By Des.

8. The Beehive – The Beehive is Buzzing with busy M.P.’s The parliament has a big chamber with the speakers big chair at the front. The speaker is the boss of the parliament. Next time you buzz around Wellington you should buzz in. By Soul